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About the Book Fair

The first San Francisco book fair took place in 1978. A group of motivated book collectors decided to open a booth in the county fair. The booth drew quite a crowd, and the idea for an established location for book collectors to meet and exchange wares was born. After 2 years of making do with just a temporary booth at the county fair, the city of San Francisco finally granted this flourishing group a home in the basement of the Main Library of San Francisco. It was there that the Bookfair was able to lay down roots. By 1984, the Bookfair had a permanent collection of books on display, a rotating schedule for out-of-town collectors to come and sell their wares, and a dream for more. The completion of the San Francisco Building for Educational Enhancement was a chance to make this dream come true. As you can see, the San Francisco Bookfair now has a full schedule of events that cater to all walks of life. With a beautifully designed 4000 sq ft home on the 4th floor of the SFBEE, the Bookfair is able to put almost any idea into action. ...The result: a happy haven for any type of booklover.

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